Lola Venado, The Botanical Bruja, Sacramento Folk Herbalist, Energy Worker, Writer, Speaker



My Energy Medicine work calls in different modalities to help bring you into a deeper sense of self-awareness, whether it’s to gain insight at the occasional forks in the road, or to be your guide in developing your own healing rituals. Offered by email or phone, I incorporate various intuitive tools, including tarot and oracle cards, plant and stone allies, heart-to-heart pláticas, grounded guidance, and everyday practical magik for a whole wellness collaboration.


I am a practitioner of whole plant folk herbalism. The botanical potions I craft, for wellness, beauty, and magik, include little or no essential oils, opting for the more gentle aromas and medicine obtained through slow infusion. I thoughtfully handcraft them with intention in small batches. They are generally not made available to the public, reserved for clients, friends, and family. But subscribers to my “LoVe Letters” newsletter receive first notice when Xantico House™ botánica products are released.


In addition to the community workshops and Moon gatherings I hold, I’m available for private classes/presentations on folk medicine + magik curated for you or your group event (these are not herbal medicine consultations, I am not a medical practitioner). My Medicine is informed by Native Mexican curanderismo traditions, and indigenous European and New World folk medicine and magik, cultivating an eclectic and accessible practice honoring my mixed-blood heritage. View upcoming public gatherings here.


Created and hosted by Lola Venado, the Branch & Bone Medicine Show podcast is intended to serve as a connection and support to those whose Medicine stories often go unheard, and to be a platform dedicated to spotlighting and amplifying the underrepresented voices of multi-cultural people of color doing their work in the modern communities of herbalism, magick, or other healing and creative arts. Subscribe through iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify. You can also follow on Instagram @branchandbone. The Branch & Bone™ name was established in 2015.


Please contact me with any inquiries for my services. I am committed to being of service to those who may have less financial access to wellness services. I work with a sliding scale, trusting those who can offer more will, in turn this provides for those who cannot reciprocate as much for services at this time. Thank you for being in community in this way.

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