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It brings me great joy to share my creations with others. They are generally not made available to the public, reserved for clients and loved ones. Thoughtfully handcrafted in very small batches, these are really co-creations, an exchange of energy between my hands and heart with the earth’s generous medicine. They are intended not just as consumable products to be enjoyed, but also as collaborative offerings for personal ritual, remedy, and magik in your everyday life.


The botanical potions I craft, for wellness, beauty, and magik, include little or no essential oils, opting for the more gentle aromas and medicine obtained through slow infusion into plant oils, butters, and alcohol. It takes a very large amount of plant matter to produce a small amount of essential oil. I began working with essential oils about 17 years ago when I began my studies of aromatherapy, natural perfume and skincare, cosmetic and home environmental chemicals in response to my developing multiple chemical sensitivities; a life changing metamorphosis.


Since then, as I’ve deepened my relationship with the plants, I’ve greatly reduced my use of essential oils, reserving their greatest use in the realm of pure botanical perfumery. I believe they are precious, yet they have become overused and misused with the rise in their popular commodification, touted as a panacea for all manner of ailments without consideration for their potency or sacredness, used as a shortcut to add a powerful punch to products that has increasingly become expected by the collective accustomed to stronger fragrances. I dream of a world where our sense of smell is no longer partially blinded.


I’ve attempted to make thoughtful choices in my packaging, as well, opting for reusable and widely recyclable glass and metal, reducing plastic as much as possible. I use recyclable or biodegradable paper, cardboard, and biodegradable eco-cellophane. I avoid the use of bubble wrap, plastic bags/pouches, and single-use packaging, including lined paper containers (tubes and jars) which are not recyclable. I considered this even in my choice of simple labeling, opting for ink-free thermal (BPA-free) printed paper as opposed to the waste of ink-printed vinyl for example. I’m not an environmental hero, many of my lifestyle choices can be considered problematic. But I do believe any small individual changes we make can greatly benefit the collective.


Thank you for supporting my choices in my work, and for receiving the plants’ love, magik, and medicine in this way.


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